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Hill Harper, who was born Frank Eugene Harper is a Iowa City native, a member of the democratic party, an american actor, an author, and as of July 10th 2023 he is officially running for the U.S. Senate in the 2024 election in Michigan, to replace Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow who is retiring. Hills’ success in politics runs concurrent with his exceptional career in acting. During his years at Harvard, he was a full-time member of Boston’s Black Folks Theater Company, one of the oldest and most acclaimed black theater troupes in the country. While a student at Harvard, Harper befriended Barack Obama, whom he connected with over playing basketball together. In 2012, Harper was appointed to The President’s Cancer Panel, where his role was to work with the National Institutes of Health and make recommendations to the White House concerning cancer policy.

In 2017, Harper bought the historic Charles T. Fisher mansion, once owned by the automotive magnate, while he was filming in Detroit. According to The Detroit Free Press He said he fell in love with the city’s “creative energy.” He began renovating it as a place for him and his son Pierce to live, and while doing that, he purchased Roasting Plant Coffee, a store in the city’s downtown where he had previously been an investor. He involved his Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, which focuses on youth in marginalized communities, to help with job training in the area. His determination to help restore neighborhoods of Detroit despite others trying to deter him is only a fraction of what makes him a great american.“I want my investment to help the city. I want it to help the community, he told the Detroit Free Press.“It’s where I can have an actual positive impact and then hopefully by my presence encourage other people to move in and invest as well.” – Hill Harper (Detroit Free Press) 

Today, Hill is completely invested in his campaign for Senator. He recently left his role on the Good Doctor where he played Dr. Marcus Andrews for six full seasons to pursue his seat as Michigan Senator. He is currently focused on his campaign journey and we at Meet a Great American will continue to follow his story! Here’s what we had to say about his decision. 

“We’re in a state where I think the triple blue leadership in Lansing has done really hard work moving the state forward, but in Washington, D.C., it’s still broken. And folks feel like it’s still broken. And I’m one of them,” – Hill Harper (The Detroit News)
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